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Frequently asked questions about giving birth

We know you have a lot of questions about childbirth. We’re committed to providing you the information you want and need to prepare for a safe, healthy birth. If your question is not answered on this page, please contact us.

When do I fill out the forms to be admitted to the hospital?

Make preregistration part of your childbirth preparation by completing a Birthplace pre-registration form online. Your care provider will provide you with this form during one of your prenatal visits. Providing us with this important information in advance will expedite your admission to the BirthPlace. If you have any questions, call the Admitting Department at (336) 538-7420.

When should I come to the hospital and where should I come?

Ask your health care provider how to know when to come to the hospital and whether you should contact the physician/midwife before coming. If you are coming to the BirthPlace for any scheduled appointment and you have preregistered, you should park in the visitor’s parking lot and use the visitor’s entrance. Take the elevator to the third floor. If you have not pre-registered or you are coming for an emergency or other nonscheduled visit, come directly to the Emergency Department for assistance

Who is permitted in the room with me during labor?

Visitation in the BirthPlace is restricted to the patient’s support person and two other visitors to provide relief for that support person. This may be amended at the discretion of the nurse or physician. Other family members and friends may stay in an alternative waiting area to await the birth.

May I take pictures?

Many people like to photograph or videotape their new baby right after birth. Discuss with your support person what kinds of photos you want. We will make every effort to grant your wishes. When you arrive at the BirthPlace, discuss your plans with the nurses and the physician or midwife caring for you. For safety, tripods, freestanding lights, and electrical cords cannot be used. Video cameras must be battery operated. The hospital staff will show you a safe place from which to photograph in the delivery room.

When are visiting hours? Will my other children be able to visit me?

Visiting hours in the BirthPlace are 10:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. To protect all babies, we ask that only healthy people who are feeling well and have not been exposed to communicable illnesses in the past two weeks visit. When there is widespread illness in the community, visiting rules may change. We recommend that you have only two visitors in the room at any time, so you have time to rest and learn about caring for your baby. An adult, other than the mother, must stay with children under 12 years old at all times.

What safety and security precautions do you have?

The safety of you and your baby our highest priority. The BirthPlace and Women’s Care Center is equipped with an electronically monitored infant security system as well as surveillance cameras and alarms. Your nurse will tell you about our infant security system and the special identification worn by hospital personnel who are allowed to transport your infant to and from your room. You are encouraged to always question anyone you do not know who comes in your room or asks about your baby.

Will my baby be able to stay in the room with me?

At Alamance Regional we provide couplet care. This means that one nurse is responsible for caring for you and your baby. This also means that your baby may stay in your room (room-in) as much as you wish. Our nurses are specially trained to care for both mother and baby, and they are available to help you learn how to care for your baby during your entire stay. Also, if you are unable to care for your baby or you need a break to rest, our newborn nursery is always open with nursing staff to take care your infant.

Will someone be able to answer my questions about breastfeeding?

Our certified lactation consultants offer all mothers a free breastfeeding consultation and are available to help you while you are in the hospital. In addition, our registered nurses are educated in assisting with breastfeeding issues. After going home, personal consultations are available for a fee, or you can call lactation services for a telephone consultation at no charge. We also offer complete breastfeeding supplies for sale or rental.

Will my baby have any tests?

Most babies are born healthy, but there are some health problems that are not always spotted at birth. Newborn screening is the best way to help identify and prevent serious health problems before your baby becomes sick. North Carolina requires all newborns to receive a simple blood test that checks for more than 30 conditions. The results of this screening will be sent to your baby’s pediatrician. The state also requires a hearing test for all newborns.

Will the hospital give me a birth certificate for my baby?

The BirthPlace will send information to the North Carolina State Office of Vital Statistics for your baby’s birth certificate. You can fill this form out online prior to your visit. A copy will be given to you for your records. After 10 days you will be able to get a certified copy of the birth certificate from the Alamance County Register of Deeds at 118 W. Harden Street in Graham. There is a small fee for a copy of the birth certificate.

Will I be able to buy a newborn portrait of my baby?

In the hospital you will be asked if you want to have baby pictures taken. The pictures are provided by a private company. You will be shown samples of picture styles, given price lists and told how to order and pay for the pictures. The pictures are taken in the nursery and you have the option of viewing the pictures prior to making a decision. Your baby may be dressed in his or her own clothing or the traditional hospital t-shirt.

How long will I stay in the hospital?

Most mothers and babies stay in the hospital 24 to 48 hours after vaginal birth or 48 to 96 hours after cesarean birth. Check with your insurance company prior to your hospital stay for any special information about your coverage. Your doctor or nurse midwife will decide when you will be discharged based on your condition, your baby’s condition, and your insurance company coverage. Your nurse will discharge you with instructions for both you and your baby for follow-up care.

What is the discharge procedure?

Following your delivery your learning needs will be assessed. During your hospital stay your nurses will instruct you on how to care for yourself and your new baby. Your doctor/midwife and your baby’s doctor determine when each of you is ready for discharge. When you are ready to leave, you and your baby will be taken by wheelchair to the visitor’s entrance of the hospital to meet your ride. Generally discharge time is before noon.

Will I need a car seat in order to take my baby home?

North Carolina law requires that children who are less than eight years old or weigh less than 80 pounds must be properly secured in a child restraint device. Additionally, car seats must be installed in the back seat of vehicles, or in vehicles with three rows of seats, should be installed in the middle row. Infants must be secured in their car seat in a rear facing manner. You must have a car seat that is correctly installed in your car and fits your baby to take your baby home. Car seats can be purchased at a number of area retailers. The Mebane and Burlington Fire Departments provide free child safety seat checks and installations; contact them directly for information.

Is there someone I can call if I have additional questions?

Prior to your admission if you have questions about our services or if you need to find an obstetrician, feel free to call our LiveWell Line at (336) 586-4000. You can also register for one of our prenatal classes via the LiveWell Line.

What if I have a compliment or concern about my care while I am in the hospital?

Providing outstanding care is very important to the staff of the BirthPlace. We look forward to taking care of you and your family at this special time in your lives. Please feel free to speak with any of your nurses or care providers if you have any concerns about your care or your baby’s care.