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Leaving the Hospital

The staff at Alamance Regional is committed to making your transition from the hospital to home as seamless as possible. When you are ready to go home, we will do everything possible to ensure you and your family are prepared to continue your care.

We will review instructions for your care at home, including any prescriptions and follow-up appointments your physician has ordered. It may be difficult to take in all this information, so we make sure you have a written copy of these instructions. If you have questions after you are home, please call the nurse’s station. They will be happy to review your home care at any time.  

Approximately 30 days after discharge, you will receive a statement of your hospital charges. This is not a bill. If you have questions about this statement, please call (336) 538-8400.

If you have other questions about your discharge, contact the nurse’s station or our Patient Relations Department at (336) 538-7595.

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Leaving the Hospital