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  • Understanding Cancer Series: Prostate Cancer - What You Need to Know

    Join the discussion on advances in prostate cancer research. Prostate cancer prevention guidelines continue to be a discussion point in the medical community. At the end of the day, men need to be aware of the latest research and latest testing and treatment options to make the best health decisions. Join Urologist Richard D Hart, MD, from Burlington Urological Associates as he discusses the latest preventative testing recommendations as well as the signs and symptoms for prostate cancer.

  • Understanding Cancer: A Cruise on the “Survivor” Ship – A breast cancer sur

    Sometimes when life hands you a storm, you can turn that storm into a rope that can be tossed to others. When breast cancer turned her life upside down, there were people in place who were “lifeguards”. Lighthouses were placed along her path that made her sometimes laugh, sometimes cry, and made her decide that breast cancer would not define her. While some would say her life was blown off course, she will tell you she was right where she needed to be. Drop anchor for an hour; listen, ask questions about breast cancer and enjoy a great meal.